Supplier Ethical Compliance Statement

We work with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that products are manufactured in an ethical way. This includes the sustainable sourcing of materials, the ethical treatment of workers and the inclusion of safe environmental practises.

We work with suppliers that we have developed a relationship with where we are confident in their business history and systems. We have suppliers that have social and environmental compliance certification and suppliers that are subject to international scrutiny in the form of SMETA and BSCI audits.

Because of the relationship that we have with our suppliers we are confident that we are operating in a way that ensures the values of our company.

Suppliers are asked to:

We are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, vendors, and customers.
We feel that by integrating values that include environmental as well as health and safety management practices, we offer safe innovative products, provide a safe and secure working environment and conserve and enhance resources for future generations.