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Predator Free Taranaki is a restoration project backed by NPDC and community volunteers. This project focuses largely around the removing of introduced predators such as rats, stoats and possums around Te Papakura o Taranaki and extends to Taranaki Maunga, Pouakai and Kaitake Ranges

A major part of this venture is to recruit volunteers and with the subject matter being quite a serious topic we needed to create a brand that was friendly and inviting to current and potential volunteers.


We designed various items for them to achieve this, from styled Mailchimp templates to display stands and flags for recruitment events.

This past year they wanted to thank their volunteers for all their hard work by making them feel part of a team, giving them relevant tools and products that they can wear like a badge of honour, installing pride and a sense of worth.


The range of promo items provided were reusable/eco-friendly where possible, cost effective and functional for day to day use.

When given the right tools ,its easier to do the job. We provided the volunteers with items that not only looked good but were also carefully thought out for longevity and the safety of the volunteers as they worked.

As individuals from all walks of life, the branded and colour coordinated backpacks, lanyards, and drink bottles were an outwardly visible communication piece and complemented their existing shirts making the individuals suddenly recognisable as a cohesive team, united in a single cause.