Slide Gear Up For Jamboree

Now is the time to get your orders in for Jamboree 2024!

Merch flew out the door last year so simply do a “merch search” of the great range of gear below, write the item details on the form and send through your pre-order.

Order now, pay later.

Order online now and pay when you get to Jamboree. Your official Scouts Aotearoa Jamboree 2023/24 Merchandise will be waiting for you when you arrive at Jamboree.

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Be sure to add your selections to this form below - it's like your Christmas wish list (but without Aunty Mabels disappointing socks and jocks combo).

Don’t forget to click the submit order button (or you may actually have to wear Aunty Mabels disappointing socks and jocks combo at Jamboree)

We look forward to seeing you flaunting your swag at Jamboree 2024!