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Ignite’23 is a three day jamboree event for Scouts Aotearoa Venturers aged 14 to 18 years, held in Mayfield in the South Island of New Zealand.

This year we had the great opportunity to create the ignite’23 brand that reflects the event and location, while also providing event promo solutions that will be functional and durable, taking into consideration these will be knocked around in kids backpacks and used in both indoor and outdoor activities.


We created Facebook campaigns that promoted the release of a new promo products every two months, from there the Venturers would then vote on which style they prefer.

This kept them engaged in the event as it was postponed due to COVID delays and to ensure that we were hitting their target in terms of a fashion-conscious teen audience.


Venturers and their parents were also kept up to date via regular styled Mailchimp campaigns, and important information was accessible on the ignite’23 website we designed and built.

Uniting a vast group of 700 participants came in the form of merchandise that was on trend and strong on brand. Introducing products that they haven’t usually had available to them such as sublimated tees, sunnies and bucket hats.

For an event disrupted by COVID delays Scouting Aotearoa had expected to attract a minimum of 450 attendees, thanks to the marketing and promotion strategy they were delighted to almost double that number confirming near 700 attendees from Austraila and New Zealand.