Eco-friendly woven jute ribbon

Eco-friendly woven jute ribbon

Product Description


Natural jute fibre creates a very sturdy ribbon for packaging. Create your natural look presentation with this contrast stitch edge adding interest. This ribbon looks great on larger boxes or try a farm to table style gift with a wooden chopping board as a base. The jute fibre is held together with very fine nylon to create extra strength. This very strong ribbon creates a well formed loop bow and keeps it’s shape. Fine nylon holds the jute fibres together to strengthen and give a smooter yet still raw looking finsh. Mix it with other colours and widths for next level packaging.


Size: 38mm wide x 20m long

Branding Options

This product is a great eco-friendly, unbranded ribbon to help give your gift a final flourish.

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Pricing per item including courier:

1 rolls from $28

2 rolls from $51

3 rolls from $74

10 rolls from $237